Preview: Phantasy Star Portable 2 (PSP)

Well. I was playing Persona 3 Portable, and then I kept screwing an event up. I’ve eventually decided to restart it, but that’s besides the issue. What is important is that this lapse of Persona opened a window of time for me to download and install the Phantasy Star Portable 2 Demo off the Playstation Network.

Having been an avid Phantasy Star Online, Episodes I & II player, I’ve loved every bit of Phantasy Star I could get. While I did avoid PSZero, mostly because the graphical qualities of the game weren’t so great, I’d been following, and praying that Phantasy Star Portable 2 would make it’s way over to North America for a year now.

Let me just say… it’s like discovering crack all over again.

If you’ve played Phantasy Star Online/Universe/Zero before, I just have this to say, it’s like the best parts of every Phantasy Star since Online, mashed together into a perfect package that borrows some of the best technical aspects reminiscient of Demon’s Souls (stamina bar, dodge roll, shields). Try the demo, you’ll be pulled in instantly with the newly added online mode (real online, play with friends from anywhere with WiFi!).

Need I say more?

If you’re new to Phantasy Star Online’s co-op questing and looting, this is easily the game to get. You won’t regret it. The number of features and social support is incredible.

I’ll just throw down a few specs:

Level Max at 200.
Modified Action Pallet includes armors now! Not only can you bind 6 weapon sets, but now 6 armors too! Fast armor swaps when the situation calls for it!
You can now learn EVERY skill in the game! PSP1 only let you hold 36 skills at once. PSP2 has no restriction.
Spell techs can now be chained like weapon attacks, 1st spell at full cast time, 2nd at 75%, 3rd at 50% of the time.
Multi-hit techs now hit more than one part of the boss unlike PSP1.
Dodgeroll of invulnerability!
Shields to block/parry attacks!
Automatically shared item storage across all your characters!
Lobbies to hang around in!
New chain system for building up combos and dealing extra damage!

…last but not least.


The game is out Sept. 14th. Look forward to it. Even if you say you love Monster Hunter, I’d tell you that Phantasy Star Portable is easily the far superior game.

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