Final Fantasy XIII Team Talks About… a Sequel?

I am most definitely… confused.

For one, I’ve already expressed my disappointment for Final Fantasy XIII. So here, I, a long-time Final Fantasy fan, stand: Do I want Square Enix to re-visit what I feel is a failed venture? Or do I want to give Square Enix a chance to redeem themselves by fixing XIII’s weakpoints with a direct sequel?

One would argue, given how Square Enix changed the forumla in XIII that they should try to distance themselves as far as possible from said game, part of which, I’d agree. There are elements in FFXIII, such as not being able to acquire ultimate weapons BEFORE the final battle, and that all sidequesting is only do-able after the game is over. The whole structure and pacing of FFXIII coupled with the un-interesting plot and characters with a battle system that can become overly hectic where the game ends up being a hack and slash mash A or X/select Auto-Battle fest just to keep up the DPS on opponents.

…DPS. Oh gawd. But really, that’s all FFXIIIs system ends up equating to. Maximizing DPS. In other words… another Monster Hunter clone.

Perhaps the only way FFXIII can be redeemed is to let it die and bury it under a slew of other titles and better quality games. Or maybe making a FFXIII-2 is the only way to prove that Square Enix still values the Final Fantasy name as a traditional JRPG with an interesting plot and characters and a fun, well-paced, well-controlled battle system. Perhaps with FFXIII-2, we might see them fix everything FFXIII broke.

Or maybe FFXIII just needs to GTFO and make room for Versus. I’m torn.

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