Wind Waker Review: Everybody Hates Tingle

The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker… it was released in 2003 and didn’t meet many fan expectations. Mainly because Zelda fans wanted a more mature Zelda game. But as soon as they saw that ‘cat-eyed freak’, everyone flipped out. What was Nintendo doing with their beloved franchise?! This wasn’t what they wanted! Of course, there were the handful of pleased fans. But for the most part,  people weren’t happy. I mean, did you see how bright it was?! They were obviously aiming towards the younger audience! Alright, what was so bad about the graphics? The style wouldn’t be my first choice, but, it wasn’t that bad.

Sure, it was bright, but wasn’t Ocarina of Time bright as well? Mind you, Ocarina of Time is considered the best game of all time. So why was color such a big deal? And, yeah, it’s cartoony, but does it really matter? So, graphics wise, I think that they weren’t that bad. It was something different. But I still hate Toon Link with a burning passion. A lot of people do, though. So it doesn’t matter.

The other characters, however, I loved. I thought the artwork was pretty adorable and when I got to (spoiler) Hyrule Castle, I took ten minutes or so just looking at the stained glass windows. But I don’t really care for graphics. What I care about is the plot structure, the characters, the music, the gameplay. In other words, the stuff that actually matters.

So plot… there’s going to be a lot of spoilers from here on out, so, don’t blame me if you’ve never actually played/beaten the game. Your own fault. The game opens up with Hyrule flooded.

The Hero of Time – from Ocarina of  Time – had disappeared when Hyrule needed him to save Hyrule from Ganondorf – again – and because he wasn’t there, the goddesses intervened and flooded the land. We find ourselves on Outset Island in a watch tower with a sleeping young Link. A little blonde girl with pigtails named Aryll, his sister, comes to wake him up, announcing it’s his birthday and their grandmother wants him.

Shortly after, we find out our hero is eleven, like the Hero of Time was when he set out on his quest(some people say Link in Ocarina of Time was ten). We go back to Aryll and receive her present, her most priced possession… her telescope.

Yeah… Long story short, pirate captain girl gets dropped by a large bird, save pirate captain, sister gets kidnapped, start off on long quest. While it sounds like I hate the story, I really do love it. It’s always great to have a quest that doesn’t involve Zelda. And then we get towards the end of the game and… Tetra(the pirate captain) is… Zelda.

No joke.

That tomboy was Princess Zelda the entire time. And, of course, she ends up getting kidnapped by Ganondorf. Aw well, at least she helps you fight in the end. The plot was fantastic and I really did love the characters – minus Link. Eventually I began to care for them.

Was Link’s grandmother okay? She didn’t die, did she? How could I cure her depression? And what about Aryll? How was she in that cell with the other girls?

The music was never really big on me during the game. I can’t remember many of the tracks. Most of it sounded the same to me. Then again, I really didn’t like the gameplay and tuned out a lot of the entire thing. The Molegera Boss Battle, Inside the Pirate Ship, Outset Island, Ancient Hero, Intro, and Staff Credits stuck, though. So music wise, I think it could have been better.

Oh boy… here it comes… the gameplay. Where do I start? I guess I start with the controls. The controls were fine. I didn’t see any flaws there, really. But when it got down to sailing…

God, I hate sailing. There never seemed much to do while going island to island. It was a tedious boring task that I absolutely dreaded. If I could get out of it, I got out of it. I would sail to the wrong island so many times, forced to go all the way back and try and find where I messed up. And then sometimes it just seemed like there was no way to go any faster no matter what I did.

But besides sailing, the entire game just seemed way too easy to me. Maybe it’s because I had been playing Zelda for a while then? I don’t know. Every enemy seemed easy. Safe for Puppet Ganon. I found myself a heart away from death on Puppet Ganon. But then Ganondorf was extremely easy! I’ve never beaten a final boss so quick before!

And one thing I can’t stand at all is Tingle. The character is annoying. I’d be able to tolerate him, however, if he didn’t mess everything up on me. In Four Swords Adventure, EVERY SINGLE TIME there’s a Force Gem, who’s there to steal it? TINGLE. Who’s there to sell you overpriced maps in Majora’s Mask? TINGLE. And who’s there to suck your wallet dry? TINGLE.

It’s not like you can get any further in the game if you don’t pay Tingle 3,184 rupees. That’s right. You’re paying Tingle 3,184 rupees so you can proceed in this game. You saved that guy from jail just so you could be ripped off later. Hope you’re satisfied.

You know what, Wind Waker? I’m going to go play some Minish Cap.

Never liked you anyway.

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