This Game doesn’t have “Epic” in its Title

I’m psyched. Totally and completely psyched. Epic Yarn? No. Epic Mickey? No. Much more better! It is a drawing of a shadow! …Bad Pirates of the Caribbean reference. Lost in Shadow – or A Shadow’s Tale (depends on if you live in North America or Europe) comes out on January 4th 2011 – or October 15th in 2010 – as a Wii exclusive. It’s been developed by Nintendo and Hudson and is rated E. Now, I’ve only JUST heard about this game, but I already think it looks amazing.

In the game, you play as a boy with a sylph. Oh, but not just any boy with a sylph. A shadow boy with a sylph. Yeah, that just makes it ten times better. The game already looks extremely difficult because in order to play it right and not get yourself killed, you have to pay more attention to the background than anything else. Why? Because, the shadow isn’t third dimensional. It’s two dimensional. Silly gamer.

Occasionally, you’re going to have to become a ‘creature of light’ to continue on. So far, it looks like you have to use a light gate to accomplish that. When you’re a creature of light, you’re not a human boy. You pretty much look like the shadow, except now you’re glowing white and 3D. There’s also a time limit to how long you can stay that way.

Most of the time, though, is spent interacting with other shadows – be it items or enemies (not too sure if there’s actual NPCs to speak with) – and completing puzzles. The objective of the game is to free the shadows of the dead and climb up the Tower. The game starts with a mysterious person – or being? – severing the shadow off of a live boy. So far, I really don’t know that much about it. They’ve released a few details, but that’s about it. So cut me some slack.

You can ‘play the demo’ and find out more at:

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