Batman: Arkham City (Possible Harley Quinn Redemption)


No, I haven’t finally gone insane enough to be locked in Arkham Asylum, but I’m getting pretty close. Raise your hand if you like Batman. Okay, good… Now raise your hand if you played Arkham Asylum. Yeah, I didn’t…

But I’ve seen it and for the most part I think it’s pretty okay. Hate what they did to Harley Quinn… but I digress. Besides, it seems they gave her a new look. A much better look. Hopefully she won’t be a complete and utter freakin’ bimbo.

So this is old news, but, Batman: Arkham City photos had been leaked back on Sepetember 1st and multiply was confirmed possible. The game takes place a year after the end of Arkham Asylum, in which the warden of Arkham Asylum takes credit for Batman defeating Joker – or something along the lines of that – and uses it to his advantage and becomes mayor.

He decides that Arkham Asylum isn’t fit for the criminals and moves them to another facility named Arkham City – gee, never would have guessed – and are only told not to escape or else they’ll be killed. The entire building is run by the criminals with no police force. Meaning things will definitely get messy.

Either the guy who built the place was incredibly stupid or just a jerk who wanted to see some action. A psychiatrist named Hugo Strange – ha – is put in charge of the asylum and is never seen to the public. Of course, rumors start, and people presume he’s doing terrible stuff, but they have no proof.

The whole thing smells fishy and Batman isn’t dumb. He’s been watching the place for MONTHS and has been just waiting for the chance to get inside. Two-Face, who’s just recently been admitted, knows he needs to gain respect from the other inmates and show his power or he’ll be spending the rest of his days miserably by the other villains. So what is his big plan?

Give a live execution of Cat Woman.

Batman doesn’t like that, so it’s time to break in and rescue fair maiden.

We want to top everything that we did in the last game,” says Arkham City director Sefton Hill. “We didn’t want to do [an Arkham] 1.5. We want to make the same jump we made from nothing to Arkham. We want to make that same jump again for Arkham City – that same level of ambition.”

Well said, good sir. So far, I don’t think there’s much to the plot that I could care about. Batman just isn’t my hero, anyway. But what about you guys?

Excited for Arkham City? Who’s your favorite super hero? Can you tell that I really really dislike Batman?

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