Majora’s Mask Opera (Update!)

Majora’s Mask. An unforgettable Zelda title set in a dark and intriguing land. A world fit for…an opera? You read that right. Composer/writer M. Bulteau (Berlioz on ACGV forums) is in the process of adapting the old N64 game into an opera. The game’s core concepts will be retained while focusing more on the characters, specifically Kafei and Anju.

Berlioz’s adaptation explores some interesting concepts. Among them are “What would Termina be like without Link?” and “What if Kafei found the resolve to keep his promise to Anju instead of holing up in the pawn shop’s backroom?” Berlioz acknowledges that leaving Link absent might anger people and humbly accepts any resulting flames. That will not stop him from continuing this project with a passion.

The bits of orchestrated music that have already been revealed are promising, inspiring emotions from wonder (the Astral Observatory) to unsettlement (Song of Healing with Skull Kid confrontation music). The plot unveiled so far centers around Kafei, who finds it inside himself to keep his promise to Anju and track down Sakon as the world comes to an end.

There are still acts to be written, voices to record from unprofessional yet enthusiastic singers and actors (don’t mind the accents), music to further develop, and a flash artist to find, but the opera is coming along nicely. Slow and interrupted by real life problems, but nicely. He might at a later date need donations to make this opera a reality, but for now word needs to spread about this endeavor.

Right now, samples of how the opera would sound and play out are in progress. There will be 10 in all, the first one to be released soon.

If you are interested in applying for the flash artist position, contact Berlioz at mbulteau (at) gmail (dot) com.

We’ll keep you updated as the opera progresses.

Update: The first demo has been released! A fantastic bit in the mayor’s office as a heated argument shows no signs of compromise. Three voices are going at once, but the subtitles help clarify what’s being said.

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