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Well, here we are.

Suppose I’ll start with our humble beginnings. It all began when Caleb (a.k.a. Darth Citrus) began doing live broadcasts of video games he was actively playing on Ustream. Eventually, finding out that Justin.tv offered a superior quality feed, moved there.

Eventually, I kept talking to him about games that I’d been playing, but being the lamer he is, Caleb insisted that I start my own broadcast to show him these games (he didn’t/doesn’t own a PS3 at this point in time), so I went out, spent 100 clams on a tv tuner card, and started my own broadcast, also over at Justin.tv, which existed here.

…but, I wasn’t satisfied with just having my own channel and reaching out to a small bunch of people. Being as incredibly opinionated as I am, I discovered that I loved to talk and  debate about video games. Becoming a recent fan of 4PlayerPodcast, I wanted to start hosting a podcast of my own, and discuss gaming news whilst sharing (read: imposing) my opinions of video games, old and new.

With that goal set in mind, I dragged Caleb along, started this blog, and a bunch of other things like twitter accounts, facebook, yadda yadda yadda etc, to spread the word.

The result?

We bring you Awesome Canadian Gamers Ventcast, in hopes of providing you up to date news on not only the latest games but on tech and gadgets as well. We even started a new shared JTV channel to consolidate our broadcasts!

Here’s to new beginings!

- Aaron (a.k.a. TemjinZero)


There are two sides to every story. I suppose this place is as good as any to post mine.

My expedition into streaming started with Left 4 Dead. Well I suppose if you wanted to be really precise, it started when I got my own computer, but that might be going too far back. In any case, one night whilst idly looking up random youtube clips I stumbled upon this gem of a video. This clip eventually lead me to the Justin.tv channel of 4 Player Podcast, and my first introduction to live streams in general. Inspired by their channel, I wanted to start my own for my website community, and created the aptly named Citrus Cam.

I don’t remember when I introduced Aaron to 4pp, but I do remember where. It was in one of the University of Alberta’s many computer labs, as we toiled away on some homework or project that probably should have been completed ahead of time. While there, I showed Aaron an assortment of clips from 4pp, which I had been visiting for a while now. Soon after, Aaron began streaming on his own channel and we would often alternate streaming for my forum audience.

At some point the idea of a podcast was floated around. We often talked or argued over lunch regarding certain games or genres and came to the brilliant conclusion that other people would love to hear this as well. Aaron had wanted to do a podcast for sometime, and I thought it would be a pretty cool idea. At least it would offer some distraction from my stupid design project.

And so on March 02, 2010 we recorded the very first episode of Awesome Canadian Gamers Ventcast (The name that was chosen over my suggested “Her Royal Majesty’s Commonwealth of Gamers Audio Podcast”)

The rest is history.

- Caleb (a.k.a. Darth Citrus)

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